Providing Advanced Dental Technology 

The quality of your dental care depends on more than skill alone; it also requires your general dentist to be equipped with the right technology. Advanced dental technology, such as a CEREC machine, or a Cone Beam Scanner can dramatically improve the precision of dental procedures. Our practice provides these technologies in Rosemead, and utilizes their capabilities to help patients achieve beautiful smiles. 

Cone Beam Scanner

This specialized x-ray machine can produce 3-D images of your smile, from teeth and gums to nerve pathways and bone tissue. Usually attached to a rotating arm, the scanner projects x-rays in a cone shape, while capturing the whole jaw structure in digital images. Safe and reliable, dentists can utilize this technology to see inside your jaw and teeth, helping to make your diagnosis more precise. Cone beam scanning can reveal the source of your dental discomfort, such as cavities or jaw issues.

Surgical procedures such as dental implant placement and wisdom tooth extraction benefit from the cone beam scanner’s detailed imaging. For dental implant treatment, it shows the density of the jaw bone, and whether patients will require a bone graft procedure or not. Also, the 3-D images are used to create a surgical guide, directing your dentist to the proper angles and locations to place your dental implants. 

For wisdom tooth extraction, the scanner shows how the teeth are developing, or if they have damaged surrounding teeth. Since these molars are far back in your smile, they can be hard to see under normal conditions, especially if they are still below the gum line. The Scanner will help your dentist plan and execute a safe extraction procedure. For more information on our cone beam scanner, and how it can help your next advanced procedure, call our practice


CEREC® is a milling machine which fashions individual dental restorations from porcelain. Using impressions from patients and a built-in planning software, CEREC® can make a custom crown or veneer for permanent use within a single extended visit. CEREC makes restorations precisely, according to the impressions and your dentist’s specifications. The restorations are matched to the proper tooth size, shape, and shade for a uniform fit in the smile. For materials, CEREC® uses dental porcelain, which is a metal-free, biocompatible substance. When used to make restorations, they resemble the natural look of teeth and hold a similar strength. These restorations will fit inside the smile seamlessly, especially since they have been precisely crafted by our CEREC® machine. 

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Dr. John Pham uses these advanced technologies, in combination with proven dental techniques, to provide good dental care. To find out more, or to schedule an appointment, schedule an appointment online, today. 

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